How to take wide angle photo in IQOO Z3 5G phone?

If you are not sure on how to take wide angle photo in IQOO Z3 5G phone, then you have arrived at the right place. In this post we will be answering the aforementioned question and will also take a closer look at the camera quality of IQOO Z3 5G phone.

Let us get straight to the meat of the matter.

How to take wide angle photo in IQOO Z3 5G phone?

Here are the steps to shoot wide angle photo from IQOO Z3 5G:

  • First, open up your default camera app.
  • Click on ‘Photo’ from the horizontal menu at the bottom.
  • Click on ‘0.6x’ which is just above the horizontal menu bar.
How to take wide angle photo in IQOO Z3 5G phone

So, if you have followed the steps correctly you would have switched to the wide angle mode. Now, you can easily take the shot by simply tapping on the shutter button.

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How is the quality of the wide angle images?

The wide angle images from the IQOO Z3 5G is not the best that you can get in this price range.

The wide angle shots loses details when you try to zoom in even in daylight photos. The colors seems to be natural looking in most of the images shot in daylight.

However, in a few instances you would find that the colors tend to get over-saturated. The HDR seems to be a problem here, but turning it off makes the images look dull.

The wide angle shots in low light tends to get worse. IQOO Z3 has simply below average performance for low-light wide angle shots.

Why the IQOO Z3 5G doesn’t shoots excellent wide angle images?

The simply reason why the IQOO Z3 5G doesn’t shoots excellent wide angle images is because of its inferior image processing.

I am not saying that it is completely trash but it is not good enough to utilize the maximum performance of the hardware. If you take a look at the camera specs then you would realize that it has a decent enough hardware, yet it fails at delivering results.

The main problem with most of the low end smartphones image quality is not the hardware but the software. This is the reason why companies like Google, or Apple far outperforms other companies with regards to camera quality.

If you dig a bit deeper into the surface you would realize that image processing requires sophisticated machine learning algorithms. Not only these image processing algorithms are extremely hard to design but also they are immensely difficult to fine tune it.

Fine tuning image processing algorithms takes tons of resources which even if these companies pour into will increase the manufacturing cost of the product.

If the company increases their price then they would not be able to remain relevant in this cut-throat industry.

This is why you see such a huge demand for the custom Gcam apks for almost all budget segment smartphones. Most of the users see an instant increase in image quality just by switching to Gcam.

Apart from the aforementioned reasons, companies like IQOO are even at a worse position because they are a sub-brand of Vivo, and they have to follow almost everything Vivo pushes down their throat.

IQOO phones are simply re-branded Vivo phones with some tweaks here and there.

If you want to get the best wide angle shots from your phone then it is better to switch to any other company.

However, if you have already bought IQOO Z3 5G then you don’t need to worry. We have some tips that could help you to improve the wide angle shots from your phone.

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Tips to improve quality of wide angle images from IQOO Z3 5G

Here are some of the tips that could help you to improve the quality of wide angle images:

Install GCam

Installing GCam for IQOO Z3 5G is the best way to instantly improve the picture quality of the wide angle shots. However, be sure to always checkout the latest version of GCam available for your smartphone.

Better Lighting

Although, this might not be the best solution for everybody but if you can ensure proper lighting conditions then the IQOO Z3 5G can shot some amazing shots.

Also, don’t use this wide angle mode in low-lighting conditions, unless absolutely necessary.

Set the resolution high

If for some reason the resolution is not set at the maximum level then you could simply jack up to the highest setting. It may instantly improve your wide angle shots.

However, don’t expect the color problem to go away. With the highest setting you can only expect to get more detailed images. This might also not make a difference if you are shooting at artificial lighting or low lighting conditions.

Tinker with other camera settings

Most of us don’t dig into the settings of our camera app. You can adjust many different things in there and get more out of your wide angle shots.

For example, you can adjust the ISO, or the white balance.

There is no guarantee that it will improve your wide angle shots from the Z3 but it might get you somewhere in improving the quality.

The major con of this approach is that you might have to adjust the settings every now and then if you tend to shoot a lot of images.

Use third-party image editing apps

There are many image editing apps that can do some of the finest post processing. You can use apps like Snapseed or Picsart to greatly improve your images.

The best part of this approach is that it is very easy to follow and it could enhance almost any image not just wide angle shots.

The only con of this image is that your images might not look the most natural.


I hope your question of how to take wide angle photo in IQOO Z3 5G phone got answered. However, if you do face any problem then feel free to mention it down in the comments section below.

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