How to Change UPI Pin in Phone Pe/Google Pay in 2022

How to Change UPI Pin in Phone Pe/Google Pay in 2022, If you have forgotten your UPI PIN, it doesn’t matter. We will make it again, so let’s first pay how to change the UPI pin on the phone.

Many apps for making online payments have come into the market, and the work is still going on to make them. Their number will increase a lot in the coming time, and the number of users will also increase.

What is UPI Pin

Let’s talk in a very simple language. What is UPI pin-like? You have a vault to keep any money, and money is kept in it. You put a key in the vault to use that money, and money comes out. Just the key is here, UPI pin.

Similarly, a UPI pin is required to make an online payment through the application. When you transfer money from your account to another account, a pin has to be entered, called a UPI pin.

UPI PIN full form is a unified payment interface.

These applications are very easy to use, so every person wants to use them because they enter UPI PIN in these applications and transfer the amount from one account to another in a pinch.

How to Change UPI Pin in Phone Pe

  1. Go to the phone pay application of your phone, below you will see a menu MY money, click on it.
  2. Now you will see an option Bank Account, click on it.
  3. Now you will see your account and below that you will see an option Reset Bhim upi pin, click on it.
  4. When you click on Reset Bhim upi pin, you will have to enter 6 digits of the last of your ATM and you will get the date on the ATM, fill it in the option below.
  5. After completing this step, a 6 digit OTP will come on your mobile, after filling that OTP, you can change your upi pin as seen in the image below.

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How to change UPI Pin in Google Pay

  • First of all go to google pay application and click on your profile.
  • Your account will appear in front of you, click on it.
  • Now once again your account will appear in front of you, then you have to click on it, after that your name in front of you, email id below it and below that you will see three options.
  • You have to click on forgot upi pin, after that you have to enter 6 digits of last ATM and also enter last date of ATM.
  • Next, a 6 digit otp code will come on your mobile which will be filled by the application itself, after that in the box below where it is written set upi pin, you can create your new pin and your new upi pin will be created, you can use it. .

So here we End with our article on, How to Change UPI Pin in Phone Pe and Google Pay in 2022. I hope you Like It.

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