How Many Followers Needed in Moj To Get Money?

The popular video-sharing software TikTok was one of the most downloaded in India. However, it was recently banned under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act. This was done for various reasons, one of which being that the app was engaged in actions that were detrimental to the country’s sovereignty and integrity and its defense and security. As a result, several alternative applications, such as Moj, Mitron, and others, have been developed in the nation. This article will tell you the Answer to the Question “How Many Followers Needed in Moj To Get Money“.

Moj is a short video platform similar to TikTok, which has developed significant popularity after the ban was imposed. It has various features such as special effects, stickers, and more. This section will look at downloading, installing, and utilizing the Moj app on your Android or iPhone device. Please also look at the next section, which contains a list of the app’s features.

You can make money from the short video creation software Moj, just like you can from YouTube, Facebook, and other social networking platforms. If you create a video on the Moj app and receive many likes, you are considered successful. Furthermore, you have many followers, which allows you to earn money from the Moj app. And if you have fewer followers right now, you may utilize the strategy indicated below to gain more in the future.

How To Install Moj App in Android or IOS?

There are now two versions of the Moj app available for download: one on Google Play and one on the Apple App Store. Downloading it on any platform is as simple as going to the app store and searching for Moj. Next, go to the product page for Moj – Made in India | Short Video app and click on “Add to Cart.” After that, you must click on the download button.

The downloading and installation procedure will begin immediately if you are using an Android device. However, on iOS, the App Store will want you to validate the installation by logging in with your Apple account credentials first. The app is 60.46MB in size on Android and 124.3MB on iOS.

How To Use Moj Application in 2022

Following the installation of the app on your smartphone, you will be prompted to select your preferred language. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll be sent to the homepage. Swiping upwards will take you to a page with several short videos, which you may view by continuing to scroll.

Features of Moj App in 2022

The Moj app is now available in 15 languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Odia, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Rajasthani, Haryanvi, Malayalam, Urdu, and Telugu.

The software allows users to create short movies of up to 15 seconds in length, including various formats such as standard videos, lip sync videos, special effect videos, and more. According to the firm, beauty, dance, lip-sync, singing, technology, jokes, trick, challenge, cuisine, comedy, Bollywood, and fashion style are among the categories that have received the greatest attention on the site.

It provides a variety of unique effects, stickers, and emoticons for users to utilize in their projects. It also allows people to modify movies while on the road by utilizing the basic editor included in the program. Videos on Moj are limited to a maximum of 15 seconds in length.

Several choices to follow the creator, like the video, comment on the video, share the video, and browse other videos with the same track, is available next to the video you’re watching. Immediately below the video are your control choices, which will take you to the homepage, allow you to search for creators or videos, allow you to post your own video, send you alerts, and allow you to personalize your profile.

Moj movies have a maximum duration of 15 seconds and let users customize them with stickers, emoticons, filters, and other effects.

How Many Followers Needed in Moj To Get Money

Your earnings are not dependent on the number of followers or likes you have on your account. There are, however, indirect ways to earn money on the app that are mentioned below.

How To Make Money With The Moj App (Step By Step Instructions)?

You may earn money by creating a short video on the Moj app. The method I am about to describe is the correct method, and it is the method that all video creators on Moj use to earn money. If you produce a short video on the Moj app, you can earn money in the following ways.


The most effective method of earning money using the Moj app is promotion. You may make a lot of money simply spreading the word about the brand. The business will approach you and ask you to help them advertise their product if your video receives many likes and followers on social media. You may then make money by spreading the word about the brand.


The second-best method to get money from the Moj app is through sponsorship. If you have many followers or an average number of followers, you will be offered various things in the sponsorship, which you will be required to tell your followers about before the product becomes yours.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the third option to make money through the Moj app, and it is the most lucrative. You may earn money by informing others about a product in a video or by clicking on an affiliate link to purchase a product.


If you have many followers on the Moj app, you may use the app to encourage good followers on them by advertising your other social media accounts such as Instagram, YouTube, and other similar sites.


Lastly, cooperation is the fifth and last method of earning money via the Moj app. If you have many followers, you can take on the responsibility of collaborating with smaller authors. Whenever someone creates a tiny creator video with you, you take the money from it and make other videos with your collaborator.

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