Powerful Dimensity 1200 phones list under 30000

MediaTek had leapfrogged Qualcomm in terms of market share in Q3 of 2020. It was able to do it because of it’s Dimensity range of chip-sets. This range of processors have gotten famous with budget-segment smartphone manufacturers in India.

The simple reason behind their success is their awesome performance with improved cooling capabilities. I would like to point out that MediaTek has improved significantly over it’s overheating issue with their Dimensity range of chip-sets. On the other hand Qualcomm has deteriorated in terms of overheating issues.

Many of their flagship chips are having this issue which is not good for them. This is one of the reasons why a small company like MediaTek has gained so much traction.

There are many smartphones in the market with Dimensity 1200 under 30 000, however not all of them are worth your money.

Let us discuss the top smartphones featuring Dimensity 1200 under 30, 000.

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Dimensity 1200 phones list under 30000

1. Realme GT Neo 2T

As you would have expected this phone is powered by MediaTek’s Dimensity 1200. It is an octa core processor with 1 high performance 3 Ghz Cortex A78, 3 medium powered 2.6 Ghz Cortex A78 and 4 low powered 2.0 Ghz Cortex A55 cores. It has 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM, with an option of 12GB RAM model as well.

The screen is a super AMOLED, 120 Hz refresh rate 6.43 inch panel. It has a pixel density of 409 ppi. The screen is truly amazing for consuming content and playing games in my opinion.

The rear camera setup features a 64 MP main camera, 8 MP ultra-wide and a 2 MP macro lens. The camera setup might not be the best feature of this device since every other device in this price bracket is providing this kind of setup. The selfie camera is a 16 MP shooter with f/2.5 lens.

It has an underwhelming 4500 mAh battery. However, it supports ultra-fast 65 W fast charging capabilities. It can also reverse wireless another phone at 2.5 W.

Realme GT Neo 2T has and AnTuTu benchmark score of 711664 Points.

The price of the phone starts at Rs. 25, 999 for 8 GB/128 GB variant. However, it might change overtime.

Pros and Cons of Realme GT Neo 2T


  • Excellent performance
  • Good battery life
  • Gorgeous display
  • Stereo speakers sound good


  • Macro and ultra-wide sensors could be better

2. Realme X7 MAX 5G

Realme X7 MAX is one of the few phones in this price range that has splash resistance.

It is lighter than the Realme GT Neo 2T weighing at around 179 grams but the thickness remains the same at 8.4 mm.

The processor remains the same as the previous one coupled with 8 GB RAM and 12 GB RAM.

The camera setup also remains the same as the previous one with minor difference in lenses. The selfie camera also remains the same.

The battery capacity also is similar to Realme GT Neo 2T at 4500 mAh. The difference here is that it supports 50 W fast charging instead of 65 W of the previous model. This also has reverse charging capabilities at 2.5 W. The battery life was tested by GSMArena and it was found to be 11 hours.

Realme X7 Max 5G has an AnTuTu score of 605819 which is lower than the previous one. The pricing of the phone starts at Rs. 30, 245 for 8 GB/128 GB variant.

Pros and Cons of Realme X7 MAX 5G


  • Super AMOLED, 120 Hz, HDR10, and HLG support are all fantastic features.
  • Best in-display fingerprint reader out there, hands down.
  • Battery life is reliable, and charging is quick, but not lightning-fast.


  • Inadequate oleophobic coating, no IP rating for water/dust resistance.
  • The frame rate is restricted to 60 frames per second.

3. Poco F3 GT

Poco F3 GT is the answer to the aforementioned Realme devices. This one however has a larger super AMOLED screen of 6.67 inches with 120 Hz refresh rate and HDR 10+ support. The screen also has the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

The smartphone is dust and splash resistant with an IP53 rating.

It is powered by the same MediaTek 1200 processor with the same cores. The RAM capacity is also the same. There is nothing different in terms of RAM and processor from the previous two Realme devices that we have discussed.

The camera setup also remains similar. It features a 64 MP rear camera with an 8 MP ultra-wide and 2 MP macro cameras. It might not feel the greatest when you look at the megapixel count only. However, do remember one thing that megapixels are not everything. Camera software plays a great role in image quality.

The selfie shooter is the same as the previous ones with a 16 MP lens.

It is also better in terms of battery as it sports a massive 5065 mAh battery with 67 W fast charging capabilities.

The AnTuTu score of Poco F3 GT is 606776 points. It is not better than it’s Realme counterparts but AnTuTu scores are not everything and the real-life performance can be significantly different from what you see in the scores.

The pricing is better than the previous two Realme devices. It starts at only Rs. 28, 999 for 8 GB/128 GB variant. However, you may find cost cutting is some other areas like build quality.

Pros and Cons of Poco F3 GT


  • Unique, good-looking design.
  • Stunning display.
  • Capable performer


  • Maglev triggers are ineffective.
  • The camera’s performance isn’t ideal.

4. OnePlus Nord 2

OnePlus Nord 2 is the cheapest phone with Dimensity 1200 chipset. Also, with the branding of OnePlus it gets even more attractive. However, if you are thinking to get this device then remember that you are buying nothing but an OPPO device since OnePlus has significantly altered their Oxygen OS and made it like ColorOS. Many people claim that it is nothing but ColorOS.

With the disclaimer out of the way let us get to its specifications which are nothing short of incredible at this price range.

The RAM capacity and the processor are the same as the previous three devices that we have mentioned in the list. It features the Dimensity 1200 processor coupled with a generous 8 GB of RAM. If you want to know about its cores and all then you can scroll up to Realme GT NEO 2T.

The screen is 6.43 inches same as Realme GT Neo 2T but it is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. It is a Fluid AMOLED panel. One stark difference is that this screen features 90 Hz refresh rate instead of the 120 Hz of the other devices mentioned in this list.

The camera setup is also a tad bit lower than the other devices on this list as it features a 50 MP main camera, 8 MP ultra-wide and an interesting 2 MP monochrome camera. However, do note that megapixels are not everything and you could have better image quality even with this one if the software optimization is good enough. The selfie shooter is a 32 MP lens which is better than the devices mentioned above.

The battery capacity stands at 4500 mAh with 65 W fast charging.

It is the cheapest device on this list with a lucrative pricing of Rs. 20, 999 for the 8 GB/128 GB variant.

Pros and Cons of OnePlus Nord 2


  • Excellent performance.
  • Wonderful photography.
  • The finest software experience is still available.


  • The mono sensor is ineffective.
  • The screen’s brightness might be improved.

5. Realme GT Neo Flash

Realme GT Neo Flash also has the same pricing as the OnePlus Nord 2 and is almost similar to the previous device.

The processor and the RAM stays the same with MediaTek Dimensity 1200 and 8 GB respectively. There is nothing different when compared to the previous devices mentioned in the list so let us move to other aspects.

The screen stays the same at 6.43 inches but is better than the OnePlus Nord 2 since it has 120 Hz refresh rate. But the downside is that it doesn’t have Corning Gorilla Glass protection like the OnePlus Nord 2.

The camera setup is better with 64 MP main rear camera, 8 MP ultra-wide and 2 MP macro lens. The selfie camera is a 16 MP shooter. The camera performance is what you would expect from a device in this price range.

The battery capacity stands at 4500 mAh with 65 W fast charging.

The AnTuTu benchmark score of Realme GT Neo Flash is 702338 Points.

Just like the OnePlus Nord 2 it also starts at Rs. 20, 999 for the 8 GB/128 GB variant.

Pros and Cons of Realme GT Neo Flash


  • Screen refresh rate of 120Hz
  • Beautiful low-light picture.
  • Ultra-stabilized 4K video recording.


  • There is no wireless charging support.
  • It is compatible with the out-of-date Type C 2.0 charging connector.


So, that was Dimensity 1200 phones list under 30000. Dimensity 1200 is a capable chipset and it can be useful for most of the average users out there. However, if you are a power user then you might have some hiccups a few months down the line while using this phone.

Don’t get me wrong this is by no means a bad chipset but I am just pointing out the fact that MediaTek’s chipsets degrades faster than Qualcomm’s. However, you might differ on this. If you have any thoughts regarding this article then let me know in the comments section down below.

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