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The (RAS) is one of the most well-known and respected names in India among RAS hopefuls. It conducts one of the most difficult examinations in the world to fill the Group A and B positions in the Indian government. If you wish to work as a RAS officer in the future and are prepared to put in the effort to study, you may apply here. In this article, you will see the List of Top 8 Best YouTube Channels For RAS Preparation.

However, if you do not have any assistance, do not be concerned since we will review some of the top YouTube channels for civil services examinations today. They are incredibly significant, especially if your goal is to become a (RAS) officer.

For those interested in learning about the top YouTube channels to assist them to study for RAS examinations, read on. Then this is going to be a very significant post since learning from these channels is completely free, and they also supply valuable study material in the process. You may also find information about live sessions and interview footage on this page.

The benefits of doing so include the opportunity to analyze tactics and strategies for recalling information and having debates on various topics. Discover the top YouTube channels for RAS preparations so that you may pass the RAS examination.

Best YouTube Channels For RAS Preparation – Resultfull and Authentic!

Rajya Sabha TV

The Rajya Sabha TV channel is the most important source and Best YouTube Channels For RAS Preparation in India for RAS aspirants who want to learn more about the debates taking place in the house. Every RAS student, regardless of whether or not they can subscribe to the channel’s YouTube channel, must view it.

You can find up-to-date information about the most recent government initiatives on this page. Other than that, you may also watch live streaming of debates because it is the official channel of the Rajya Sabha, which is the upper chamber of our national legislature, on which they are being held. As a result, it should be your top-ranking YouTube channel for the RAS examination.

Lok Sabha TV

This is the route via which the lower house of our parliament, known as Rajya Sabha, operates. When it comes to getting information regarding RAS exams and interviews, we have Lok Sabha TV, which is really helpful. During the course of the day, this channel will broadcast live podcasts on various themes connected to democracy and governance.

You may also watch videos on social economics and constitutional issues that are being discussed in the community. Here you will find the material of the discussion and debate, as well as cultural and award-winning films in different Indian languages, all of which contribute to the overall success of the program.


It is the official channel of the Indira Gandhi National Open University, often known as IGNOU. This channel has a large number of videos with experts and panel discussions. If you want to have a better understanding of a subject, you should watch the videos on this channel.

The most important things you will learn from this excellent YouTube channel for the RAS test are themes related to public administration, history, and sociology. The explanations are excellent for RAS aspirants, and you will find them to be simple to comprehend. It is appropriate to use this link and procedure for the RAS test as well as other state PCS examinations.

Jagran Josh

Jagran Josh is My Personal Favorite Best YouTube Channels For RAS Preparation. If you wish to study for the RAS test, there is a YouTube channel run by Jagran Prakashan Limited that you may visit for help. You may simply prepare for these tests by visiting this site. The videos that have been supplied are of great quality and have been created specifically for RAS applicants. In addition, you will receive extensive interviews with top-ranking prospects.

You won’t just learn how to prepare for tests; you’ll also learn about the materials that top RAS candidates utilize, as well as the attitudes that they have toward them. When it comes to studying and preparing for tests, the most essential thing to consider is the tactics that applicants employ. As a result, you will receive self-explanatory information to get you started.

Mrunal Patel

Mrunal Patel is also well-known among civil service applicants who are preparing for the Union Public Service Commission examinations. You will have a thorough knowledge of the themes, thanks to the straightforward explanations and effective use of images and slides.

Videos providing a full explanation of fiscal and economic surveys, interviews with top-ranking candidates, and video lectures on other (optional) subjects may all be found on the channel’s YouTube page. As a result, you should include this YouTube channel in your list of the finest RAS preparation YouTube channels.

PIB India

RAS preparation is made easier with the help of the PIB India Information Bureau channel, which is an official channel of the organization. It is the official agency responsible for disseminating the information that is provided by the Indian government.

Videos on government schemes, press briefings of officials and ministers, and live events such as the introduction of a government program may all be found on this channel, which is easily accessible. Using this channel, you may also find out about the government’s efforts to address economic and social challenges, as well as its plans for the future.


One of the most effective methods of preparing for the RAS. You can discover comprehensive treatment of technical areas such as geography, economics, ethics, and international relations in this section. One of the Best YouTube Channels For RAS Preparation, Also Its Live Classes gives the best feel like offline.

They also include Sociology, which is an optional course with a high passing grade. Furthermore, via projects such as the PRE-Cure, Premix, and Mains-a-day (MAD) series, you will receive daily coverage of current issues. Candidates searching for a one-stop location for a complete understanding of the topics need to go no farther than our site for assistance.

Study IQ Education

The station, which was one of the first to broadcast government exam preparation material, keeps you up to speed not only by broadcasting regular current affairs but also by giving in-depth analysis of the topics at hand. The channel’s material is available in English, Hindi, and a variety of other local Indian languages.

On top of all of that, there is an abundance of useful information for CSAT. In the event that you are looking for a comprehensive bundle of Civil Services (excluding the optional), here is the route for you to use.

So here we end our article on Best YouTube Channels For RAS Preparation, Hope you Like It.

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