5 Latest Shooting Games for Android.

Shooting is one of the most loved genre of games, no wonder why there are so many shooting games out there. The games in this genre attract the youth mostly because of the thrill and action that they pack.

The level of engagement that such action games provide is immense and this is exactly the reason why people do not get bored of it easily. Here in this article, we will be introducing you to 5 latest shooting games for Android that are extremely fun to play, are challenging at different levels and are good enough to storm your senses. These games will be the ones that you might have never heard of but they do truly deserve a space in your app list.

1. WarZ: Zombie Shooting Games

Have you ever thought of what would happen if all the people around you get infected by a virus and turn into zombies!! Will you fight or will you die straightaway, this is the question that you should answer by playing this game.

The world is infected by a deadly virus and all the people have become zombies, you are the only one who is left and now its all upon you to save the world from the deadly zombies and restore the peace that has got lost amidst the chaos.

In order to accomplish your goal, you will have go fight these zombies carefully and slowly, remember that you are alone so your aim should be to kill enemies as safely as you can without getting injured.

There are zombies everywhere so you will surely need a shelter from where you can operate and make plans before executing them. The player will have a lot of weapons to explore from, use the one that suits your needs at any given moment.

The player should also aim towards efficient killing of zombies because inefficiency would cost time and will hence increase the probability of the player getting killed. The game even after being new has been able to get a rating of 4.7 which is commendable for any new game. This is the best among the latest shooting games for Android.

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2. TPS Critical Action: Commando Strike

If you are looking for a game that carries the combo of good shooting gameplay and takes lesser space on your phone then TPS Critical Action: Commando Strike is aimed just at you.

This is a relatively small game in this list but make no mistakes, the game is decently equipped with features and offers great weapons that work flawlessly well.

The thing that stands out in this game is the kind of layout that it offers, everything here is perfectly laid out on the screen, the controls are well within reach, the map is distinct and clear, the weapon that is being used is perfectly displayed with its name on the top right side.

The player can go in full blow, kill enemies, try out newer weapons and explore everything that he/she wants.

The game offers a wide range of weapons like AKM, M24 and a lot more. Kill your enemies and progress to newer levels, unlock more weapons and get more rewards as well.

Develop your skills in using different types of gun, mastering is not easy but don’t be worried because the game increases the difficulty level progressively and not at one go thereby allowing the player to adapt to the changing levels of difficulty easily.

3. Real Target Gun Shooter Games

Shooting skills are as important in shooting games as bullets in a gun but what if you don’t have it or you have tried playing shooting games and failed at it due to the lack of skills, if this is your worry, then Real Target Gun Shooter games is the solution to your problem. This game focusses primarily on your shooting skills and aims to make it better.

The player here will be free to shoot in any way they want, it gives you the freedom to try unconventional ways and find out what suits you best, freedom is essential to find out the best for yourself and this game enjoys a monopoly in that area.

The player can shoot from different distances different angles and what not, long range or short range, you can master it all and have no problems at all.

One more advantage that this game offers is the ability to play it offline meaning that you do not need an active internet connection at all, you can play the game with all of its features working just fine without the internet connection as well.

Practicing is one more aspect that this game needs you to focus on, regular practicing will make you stand out in the crowd and get that edge over other players in any shooting game.

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4. Sniper Shooting 3D Sniper game

Snipers are one of the most deadly weapons if used in the right way, they can incur a serious damage to a person with just a single shot. If you are someone who loves sniping or is fascinated by it then Sniper Shooting 3D Sniper game is the one that you should lay your eyes upon.

This is a great sniper simulator and replicates the real world scenarios really well. The player will be a contract killer who will use his sniping skills to eliminate targets from a far off distance.

Being an FPS the player will be able to see the sniper very closely, the developers have paid a lot of attention to detail and you will surely be fascinated by the looks of it.

Since snipers are made for long distance, the player will often find himself on high rise buildings, this will make shooting moving objects a bit difficult but it can easily be mastered through practice, the controls are perfectly laid out taking the fun quotient to an even higher level.

5. Real FPS Gun Shooting Games

Do you want to play a fun shooting game that offers good graphics, great usability but isn’t as heavy on your phone like some other popular games, if this is your need then Real FPS Gun Shooting Games is surely going to take you by storm.

This game combines the practicality of smaller games with the fun of bigger games that take up a lot of space. Eliminating terrorists will be the goal of the player in this game as this will help him in achieving the commander tag.

In the beginning you will be a part of a counter-terror attack team, as you progress by defeating enemies, the difficulty level will increase and you will have to level up to take charge by coming up in the front line.

The game offers rewards in terms of coins, as you progress through different levels, you will get coins that can be used to unlock different weapons like machine guns, RPG’s and a lot more. This game can be also be played offline so you don’t need to worry about an internet connection if you want to play it.


So, that was our list for the latest shooting games for Android. I hope you find this post useful. If you feel that we have missed any of the games then feel free to mention it down in the comments section below.

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